Carved Wooden birds
Grasshopper Sparrow

Winner = Best endangered Species =
Pacific Brant Carving and Art Show - Intermediate Class

Mount Details: Width - 7"(17.78 cm) Height -18"(45.72 cm) Depth-5"(12.7 cm)

Front view Grasshopper sparrow.

Grasshopper sparrow

Grass hopper sparrow back

The Grasshopper Sparrow is a small brown songbird with a streaked back and buffy white underparts. It has a white stripe down the centre of its crown and a flat look to the top of its head. Its conical bill is beige. The male and female look similar to each other and the young have a streaked breast in the first fall.

Where it lives

It lives in open grassland areas with well-drained, sandy soil. It will also nest in hayfields and pasture, as well as alvars, prairies and occasionally grain crops such as barley. It prefers areas that are sparsely vegetated. Its nests are well-hidden in the field and woven from grasses in a small cup-like shape. The Grasshopper Sparrow is a short-distance migrant and leaves Ontario in the fall to migrate to the southestern United States and Central America for the winter.

What threatens it

The grassland habitat that it favours is disappearing as areas are converted to row crops. There has also been a gradual decline in cattle farming which results in less pasture and hay. Surveys show that the greatest declines in the species’ populations have occurred in southwestern Ontario. Grasshopper Sparrows prefer to nest in large fields but many of these are becoming fragmented which may attract more nest predators. Another danger is hay cutting if it happens before the young can fly.



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